Online attendance guidelines

The "5 out of 7" rule at Nazarene Bible College

     You are expected to "attend" the virtual classroom five out of the seven days of each week. You attend by doing three things:

  1. Logging on (connecting to the Newsgroup in Outlook Express)
  2. Reading what other students have written
  3. Submitting at least one note

     The nature of the online delivery system makes consistent participation absolutely necessary. Attendance requirements will be strictly enforced.
     So, how do we take roll? Well, attendance is measured by recording the date of each entry you make to Outlook Express -- whether it be a response to one of the assignments, a comment on the work of another, or a question to the group or to the professor. We do not receive a computer printout that say when you log on to Outlook Express. We have no way of knowing if you sign on unless you make an entry into the meeting (i.e., send some message/note as part of your class participation). To judge whether you have met the criteria of "5 of 7 days" contact, we use the dates recorded by Outlook Express at the heading of each of your message banners.
     An absence does not excuse the student from the responsibility of participating, doing assigned work, and/or testing. Nazarene Bible College policy is that students may be dropped for poor attendance after they have accumulated two weeks of absences.

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