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Howard Culbertson

Howard Culbertson

Southern Nazarene University -- fulfilling the Great Commission
Howard Culbertson, emeritus professor of missions and world evangelism

     Three decades ago we came back to the USA from Haiti for what we thought would be a one-year "home assignment" or furlough. Southern Nazarene University knew that I had just finished a D.Min. in cross-cultural Christian missions from Denver Seminary. So, SNU asked if I would serve as the "Garner Chair of Missions" professor for that year, teaching classes on world evangelism and Christian missions while I also traveled to local churches promoting a global vision. That was in 1988.
     Well, 25 years when I retired, I was still there, teaching missiology or Christian missions, caring for the Missionary Kids who were SNU students, and directing world missions outreach projects, including Work and Witness projects. I spent most of the 90s as district Nazarene Missions International (NMI) president for the Nazarene churches of Northwest Oklahoma. My focus has been, and is the global harvest.
     This web site has materials and resources from my missions and world evangelism classes as well as from my promotional and mobilization work with the NMI. There are also pages for General Education classes which I also taught: Introduction to Biblical Literature, Christian Thought and Ministry, Church and Society.

"Missiology? What does that mean?"
Missiology is the study of cross-cultural, world missionary outreach. It looks at every aspect of missionary work. [ read more ]

NILI Ecuador Impact -- YouTube video

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Course materials, resources and syllabi

Biblical Perspectives  |  Christian Thought  |  Church Growth and Christian Missions  |  Cultural Anthropology  |  Global Evangelism  |  Introduction to Biblical Literature  |  Introduction to Missions  |  Linguistics  |  Ministry, Church, and Society  |  Missions Strategies  |  Modern Missionary Movement (History of&nbs p;Missions)  |  Nazarene Missions  |  Theology of Missions  |  Traditional Religions  |  World's Living Religions
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Updated: February5, 2019