Sample mission trip fundraising letters

"I would like to see you on my way to Spain, and be helped by you to go there." -- Romans 15:24, Good News Translation

Are you having to raise money to go on a short-term mission trip?

How to write support letters: Use one of these letters as a guideline or template to create your own mission trip fundraising letter. These are good examples of how to make your need for financial support known. Most of these samples promote the ministry rather than making raising money into the main issue.

Example support letter: Asian prayer journey

Dear friends and family,

Can you envision a land where cows are holy, animal sacrifices are a weekly occurrence and human cremations occur daily? I want to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity God has presented to me. From March 28 to April 10, I will be going to Bangkok and Nepal with a team from First Christian Church.

Our two-week trip will focus on Hindu and Buddhist cultures in this area of the world that is often referred to as 'the heart of darkness.' The purpose of our trip is fourfold:

I'm excited about the opportunity and experience that lie ahead. I hope you see the value in what we will accomplish. As you can imagine, a trip like this requires financial support from a number of people. I need to raise $3,000 by March 20th. I would be very grateful if you could support me in a financial way. Most importantly, I need your prayer support. Prayer is the fuel that will allow us to be successful as we follow God's leading in ministry in these countries. Without prayer, nothing will happen.

If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support, send a check to: [ insert church address here ]

Envelopes are enclosed for your convenience. Please make your check payable to [ insert name of church here ] and write "Nepal" and my name on the memo line. All contributions are tax-deductible.

While money is important, it comes in a distant second to my need for your prayer support. Since prayer support is so important to the success of this mission, I would like to know if I can count on you in that area. Enclosed is a bookmark that you can put in your Bible, on your bathroom mirror, on the "fridge", or anywhere else you will see it at least once a day. Please pray daily for the areas listed.

     Because they haven't heard,

Example support letter: Nursing student's trip to Guatemala

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings! I pray that this letter finds you and your family well. I am now in my fourth and final year of nursing school. The Lord has been so faithful! He is doing wonderful things, and I know that He will continue to be faithful to finish the good work He has started in me, especially this last year of school. As I finish my training, God has given me to the opportunity to go to Guatemala not only to further my education but also to join Him in His work there.

On January 4, I will be departing on a medical mission trip to the central highlands of Guatemala for 10 days. Not all that long ago, Guatemala was involved in a civil war. Thousands of children were orphaned as a result. This mission trip aims to provide medical treatment to these orphaned children, most of whom have never seen a doctor. We anticipate treating 450 to 500 children. The treatment will include a complete physical, treatment for intestinal parasites and head lice (all of the children seen will be treated for these two conditions), vitamin K shots, immunization, and treatment of any other condition within the capability of the medical team. A physician and a dentist will be a part of the mission team. They are both missionaries in Guatemala. The remainder of the team will be nurses and nursing students.

The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those going on the mission trip. Everything that will be used on the trip must be taken with us. This includes all of the medical supplies, medicines, syringes, bandages, etc. Donations of medical supplies, books, shoes, etc. are being sought. Fundraisers are being held by those going on the trip. Every penny collected will be used to directly benefit the children of Guatemala. Any unused medical supplies will be left with the missionaries.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve and minister, and I ask you to join me in ministry. I am seeking your support and prayers for this mission trip. If you are able to assist with this trip, I would ask that you forward any donation to me with the check or money order payable to "MNU Guatemala Mission Trip". An accounting of all funds will be available for anyone to see upon our return from Guatemala.

I thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support. May God bless you richly!

His, therefore Yours,

Example support letter: Week-long summer trip to Mexico

Dear [ name ]

This summer, June 2-9, I have an opportunity to join churches around the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex and across the U.S. on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico. On our trip, we will be holding vacation Bible schools for children and working on church construction sites around Juarez. What an opportunity we are getting to minister to others!

II am excited about what God will do in my life and other people's lives through this ministry this summer. I do, however, need your help. We will be flying to El Paso and then busing over the border to Juarez. I will need to raise around $500 before June 2. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Please be a part of this awesome opportunity, especially in terms of praying for us. I know that you too will be blessed if you partner with me. Thank you and God bless

In Christ,

Example support letter: Southeast Asia mission trip

Dear friends and family,

Good News! God has relieved me of an uncomfortable and sometimes difficult task . . . asking for money. But God has challenged me with a ministry opportunity in Bangkok, Thailand, and Kathmandu, Nepal.

I guess you could call me a "missionary", though not in the traditional sense of giving up the comfortable life here to disappear in a remote jungle for 10 or 20 years. Mine will be a short-term journey with a team from First Christian Church from March 28 through April 10.

Our two-week trip will focus on Hindu and Buddhist cultures in an area often referred to as "the heart of darkness", where idol worship is a daily routine, and animal sacrifices are part of the ritual.

The purpose of our trip is fourfold:

  1. First, we will be allowing God to work in our lives through the exposure and changed perspective that comes from this type of a mission trip.
  2. Second, this is a "Prayer Journey" that takes us to foreign lands to pray "on-site with insight." We will pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of Hindu and Buddhist people to the message of Jesus.
  3. Third, we will visit an "unreached people group" that less than 1% is Christian. Our hgome church has adopted the Newar people in Bhaktapur, Nepal. We are trying to assist in bringing the gospel to them. We will be working with a number of Newar churches to help them grow in depth in their Christian walk.
  4. Fourth, we will encourage local Christians in Bangkok and Kathmandu. Our presence will bolster their spirits and support their work to spread God's Word. We will visit many small villages in Nepal where we will develop relationships with the Christians there.

We're excited about the opportunity and experience that lies ahead, and we hope you see Kingdom value in the ministry planned for us. As you can imagine, funding for a trip like this requires financial support from a number of people. I need to raise $3,000 by March 20th.

Now, why did we say that God has relieved me of this fund-raising effort? Simply because I know I can leave that task in His hands. It's my job to go and to let you know I'm going so if you would like to support this mission financially, you can do so.

When it comes to missions, people can be active in three categories:

  1. "Mobilizers" - These are the people who build the fire in their local church, keeping others informed of the needs and opportunities, and helping them get involved.
  2. "Goers" - These are the ones who feel called to spend time in another culture, live a different kind of life, and minister face to face with the unsaved.
  3. "Senders" - It's hard to say that one of these three groups is more important than any other, but without the "senders" not much will happen. They provide the funds--and more importantly--the prayer support. Prayer is the fuel that will allow us to be successful as we follow God's leading in ministry in these foreign countries. Without prayer, vrey little will happen.

As I said up-front, God has relieved me of the fund-raising responsibility. My job is just to let you know about this opportunity. Maybe you haven't thought of yourself as part of a "missions team" but if you want to become one of the all-important "senders", you can mail a check to: [insert church address here]

Envelopes are enclosed for your convenience. If you make your check payable to [name of church], it will be tax-deductible. Just be sure to write "Nepal" and my name on the memo line.

If you can't be a "sender" financially, that's oaky. Please consider being a "sender" in prayer. In fact, because prayer support is critically important to this mission, I would like to know if I can count on you in that area. Enclosed is a bookmark that you can put in your Bible, on your bathroom mirror or "fridge", or anywhere else you will see it at least once a day. Please pray daily for the areas listed.

  Because they haven't heard,


[the bottom third of the letter was a response form to be returned]

Example support letter: Evangelism and medical work in Kenya

Dear ______,

Southway Church's upcoming trip to Kenya affords the best opportunity we have yet seen to have large numbers of people come to the Lord. The scenes of our previous trips, Spain and Mexico, were very hard fields; Kenya is much more open. I will be leading a group of 15 people (including myself) from Southway Church to Kenya this summer.

We will be going there to help our missionaries, Doctors Nate and Kim Smith, reach out from the Kijabe Medical Center. Some members of the team will help the outreach by training the staff at Kijabe in the areas of their medical specialties. For the rest of us (non-medical people) the Head Chaplain has thrown open the ministries of the Kijabe Medical Center.

We will share the gospel and the comfort of God with patients at their bedside. We will sing and preach at noon evangelistic services at the hospital. Through the Mobile Health Clinics, we will take the word of God and infant inoculations to little towns where the children have never seen a white man.

We then will minister to the refugees from tribal conflicts in the settlements of the Elementaita area (specifically Oljorai) with medical work and a crusade for which we will provide the preaching and the music.

We also hope to meet up with AIM missionaries working with the Maasai tribe and encourage them in their work.

We believe that God will work in us and through us on this trip, and afterwards in the life of Southway Church. We'd be very grateful if you e to support us in prayer and/or financially. The total cost of the trip is a little over $2000 per person. Though the trip doesn't leave until June 22, we have to buy tickets and make other preparations now, so we need your prayer and financial support as the Lord leads you. Please make any checks out to [ insert name of church ].

Please pray that:

Thanks for your prayers and support!


Example support letter: Mission trip to Italy

Notice how Sarah has personalized her fundraising letter. Take a look at how she lays out her dreams and hopes for this mission trip in a vision-casting way.

Dear family and friends,

I hope the new year is treating you well.

I have just begun the second semester of my Junior year of nursing school at Southern Nazarene University. This year has been very exciting with my involvement as Resident Advisor in one of the girls' dorms. Although I am busy, I am learning many new things from the girls on my floor, my patients at the hospital, and the professors on campus. Last semester was wonderful, but I am looking forward to the adventures of this new year.

In fact, I have come across an opportunity to go on a mission trip this May. Commission Unto Italy is a two-week Work and Witness trip to Catania, Italy. The opportunity I have to go on this trip carries great meaning for me. My father worked on this very site the summer before his unexpected death. My dream has been to return to the church where my father ministered. On this trip, our team will be working on the church property, doing outreach to local children, participating in church services, and helping plant a church in the city of Palermo.

In order for this trip to be possible, I am responsible to raise $1,800. This figure includes transportation, housing, food, insurance, and project materials. Our goal is to raise the money necessary from individuals sponsors.

If you would be willing to help sponsor me financially, I have included a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate by check, make it payable to "Church of the Nazarene," and I will run it through my local church so that you can claim it on your tax return.

As important as the financial aspect is, I will value your prayers even more -- not only for me personally but for our team's ministry in Catania.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I feel very fortunate to be able to participate. Thank you for helping make it possible.

In Him,


Example support letter: Mission trip to Africa

Second letter sent to those on the support mailing list as a pre-trip report

Wednesday, May 1

Praise the Lord! He has done great things! These past several months have been a growing experience for me. The Lord has shown Himself to me in mighty ways.

When I decided to send letters out to family and friends requesting prayer and financial support for a summer on a mission field, I wondered how God would choose to touch the hearts of each of you that I placed on my support list. Would you feel led to give financially or to pray, or to participate in both? I knew that time would tell.

Just one week after sending my letters out, I received three checks in the mail. Over the next several weeks, I received many more responses containing both financial and prayer commitments. Each day I couldn't wait to run to the university commons to check my mailbox. The excitement of seeing a response thrilled me, and it still does. In just a short period of time, I had received $1,350.

I began to see God's faithfulness working. I had prayer commitments for safety, health, adjustment, spiritual growth, and much more. What an encouragement to know that people all over the world were praying for me! Just this last week I received $1,475! That means I now have only $672 left to raise before May 15. Praise the Lord!

Nursing school has been demanding this semester. However, I've taken time to meet with a small group of three other girls each week for spiritual fellowship and to pray for this summer. I have seen God's faithfulness working through each of their lives.

To prepare for overseas travel, I have had to deal with lots of details. I got my passport renewed and even got an International Driver's License. Next week I'm going to the State Health Department to get my Yellow Fever vaccine.

As my our departure date nears, I am becoming more and more excited! I'm excited to meet my teammates, taste new food, learn or try to learn a new language -- French -- and hopefully see wild animals in Africa. And, of course, I'm excited to be able to minister to and to be ministered to by the people of Cote d'Ivoire.

Please pray for my team and for me. I have enclosed apicture card for you to post as a reminder to pray. I will be sending out an update either during July or when I return. So, keep your eye out for something special. Thanks again for your prayer and financial support! See you in August!

-- Jessica

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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