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Bible crossword puzzle J: Gospels
Draws on material covered in chapters 20 and 21 of Discovering the Bible

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1 Disciple who betrayed Jesus by identifying him so he could be arrested
2 Judean King who ordered the baby massacre hoping to kill the infant Jesus
4  Zebedee's son who was one of the Twelve disciples and one of the inner circle of three at the Transfiguration and in the Garden of Gethsemane; gospel author
8 Jesus' mother
9 The Roman procurator or governor who cowardly allowed Jesus to be crucified even though he knew Jesus wasn't guilty of anything
10 A righteous and devout man to whom it had been revealed that he would not die before he had seen the Christ. At the infant Jesus' dedication in the Temple this man said to God, "My eyes have seen your salvation."
11 The disciple (one of the Twelve) whom Jesus said would deny or disown him three times; the first disciple to say that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the Christ
1 Jesus' cousin who baptized him in the Jordan River
3 The legal father of Jesus of Nazareth
5 The promised Messiah
6 One of Zebedee's sons who became one of the Twelve disciples
7 Elderly prophetess who was present in the Temple when Jesus was taken there by his parents when he was only 8 days old; she spoke about the event to "all who were looking for redemption"

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Bible sources for this assignment: Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2; Mark 1-16

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