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Lamb (Agnus Dei) by Francisco de Zurbaran, Museo del Prado,
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This adult studies module gives students an overview of the Bible. We'll see the story that starts at the beginning of the Old Testament and runs to the end of the New Testament. We'll consider some of the major issues in Biblical understanding and interpretation. By the end of the module, we're writing the entire story of the Bible in one page.

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External Links

Concordances help you find Bible passages when you know at least one word used in that passage. The three listed below index the King James, New American Standard Version, Darby, World English and Young's Literal translations in addition to those listed:

  • Bible Gateway (Gospel Films — GospelCom)
    — Versions listed above, plus: NIV and RSV
    — Other language versions including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • Crosswalk
    - Versions listed above, plus: New Living Translation, ASV, New King James, NRSV, RSV, Today's English Version, New American Bible, Douay-Rheims, Bible in Basic English
    - Other Bible study tools
  • Unbound Bible (Biola)
    - Versions listed above, plus: ASV, Basic English, Douay-Rheims, Webster's Bible
    - Greek, Hebrew and 28 other languages
    - Easton's Bible dictionary
    - Brief histories of several Bible translations

    Other concordances:    Bibles.Net

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