Meeting the weekly response posts requirement

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"The discussions have been helpful." -- Jose O., Nazarene Bible College student

A discussion board in an online class is a vehicle for sharing ideas and insights. Sometimes called forums, these discussion boards are places where students express their views on course topics as well as respond to what other students have posted.

Are you struggling with meeting the expectations for the required online response or "participation" notes? Here are five levels or categories of online response posts that may help you improve those as well as other pieces of writing. Use this material as a response post writing rubric.

Explanation of "substantive" response posts

Quality levels of written online response posts

Develop your critical-thinking skills. Make your online response posts be at least Level 2 quality. Level 3 is even better!

If used correctly, online class forums and discussion boards will help you:

  1. Connect with others in the class
  2. Engage meaningfully with the course material
  3. Exercise communication skills
  4. Practice building a case for an idea
  5. Sharpen your critical thinking ability.

What is a substantive response post?

    -- Howard Culbertson

Note: The course web pages on the official NBC site will contain expanded written instructions for the required response posts.

"I found this class very helpful in helping gain new knowledge regarding missions in the Church. Prior to this class I had little first hand experience with much of the information we discussed. I really appreciated the feedback from the various levels of experience of the instructor and each of my classmates." -- student on the course evaluation"

drawing of talkative personWhat kind of online student are you? Do others think of you as Busy or Wordy or Disconnected Dan? Do you sometimes come off to others as Oblivious or Trite-ly or even End-times Edith? . . [ more ]

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