NMI Central assignment

NBC online Global Evangelism assignment instructions video

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Simplified grading rubric for this writing assignment

Use it as a checklist prior to submitting work to Scribe.

  1. Was the assignment submitted on time?
  2. Does the submission meet the minimum length requirement?
  3. Does it evaluate at least two weekly editions of "NMI Central" and suggest specific ways this tool could be used in a local church to motivate people to pray for, give to and otherwise support world evangelism?
  4. Are all three "parts" asked for in the instructions included in the assignment submission?
  5. Are any direct quotes from the email publications enclosed in quotation marks with the date of the email given?
  6. Is the submission relatively free of grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage mistakes?
  7. In terms of achieving assignment goals, is this work exceptional, excellent, good, acceptable, minimal or inadequate?

Note: The course web pages on the official NBC site will contain expanded written instructions for the mission book assignment.

cartoon drawing of talkative person What kind of online student are you? Do others think of you as Busy or Wordy or Disconnected Dan? Do you sometimes come off to others as Oblivious or Trite-ly or even End-times Edith? . . [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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    Writing good response posts

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