ebook: Pasta, pizza, and Pinocchio: Questions and answers about the Church of the Nazarene in Italy (Part 1)

Missions in Italy: Introduction

In this ebook, "Pasta, pizza and Pinocchio," Howard Culbertson answers questions he has been asked about missionary service in Italy. Originally published for the Nazarene missions book series by what is now called The Foundry, this book carried ISBN number 0-8341-0612-4. Some material has been updated for this ebook edition.

This little book may contain most of what you've ever wanted to know about Italy and the work of the Church of the Nazarene there. I make that bold statement because it is simply a compilation of questions (with answers) which you've asked me in deputation services while I was on a one-year home assignment or furlough as it was once called.

The questions have been arranged and grouped by subject matter. These questions have all been asked of me. Every one of them. And I've answered them in churches from Nashville to Fresno and from San Antonio to Yellowknife.

Probably I should have kept track of where and by whom each question was asked. But I didn't. So here's a blanket thanks to all of you who contributed to this book (even if at the time you didn't realize you were contributing). My thanks as well to pastors' wives all across America who've loaned me their kitchen tables for a morning's writing stint!

One little note about the title: You won't find Pinocchio among any of the questions or answers. Pinocchio is, of course, very much Italian. The story of this puppet who comes to life was written in a villa tucked away in the mountains between Florence and Pisa.

One question I have been asked occasionally during this year of travel is: "Don't you ever get tired of answering the same questions day after day?" Not yet, I haven't. But if I ever do, here's the book I'll probably hand to you. . . . [ continue reading ]

  Page:  Introduction  |   1. The Leaning Tower,  the Lira, and Women's Lib  |    2. Italian, Illegal Drugs, and Insulated  Buildings  |    3. Fiats, Florence, and Furloughs  |    4. The Military, Missionaries, and the  Mafia  |    5. Marco Polo and Ronald McDonald   |   6. The Cerratos,  Alabaster Churches, and Work Crews   |    7. Communism, Catholicism,  and the Charismatics  |    8. Sincerity, Self-support, and Sowing  the Seed  |    9. Books, Broadcasting, and the Bible  College  |    10. Culture Shock and Carpeting   |    11. A Word from My Heart  |    Next→ 

The Leaning Tower, the Lira and women's lib

arrow pointing rightWas the Leaning Tower of Pisa built that way on purpose? . . . Is Italy a modern country? . . . Is Italy a clean country? . . . . [ more ]

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