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Bible crossword puzzle H
Draws on material covered in chapters 10, 12, 14 and 17 of Discovering the Bible
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3 Son of Iddo mentioned by Ezra as a prophet
6 A prophet who lived in Exile in Babylon and who saw some strange visions, including the valley of dry bones and the "wheel within a wheel"
7 The man whom God protected in the lions' den in Babylon; his writing includes some End Times prophetic material
1 Persian king who let the Jewish Exiles go home and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem
2 A king's "cup-bearer" who returned to Jerusalem to become its governor and oversee the rebuilding of its defensive walls
4 Prophet mentioned in Ezra's book
5 Jewish priest and scribe who was instrumental in aiding the return of the Exiles and in re-instituting the public reading of the Book of the Law of God.

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Bible reading for this assignment: Daniel 1-6; Ezekiel 1-4, 8, 6, 37; Ezra 1, 3-7; Nehemiah 1-5, 8, 9; Psalms 1-2, 22, 51, 118, 137-138, 150

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