Theology of Missions course

"Most of the classes I've taken in my preparation for ministry were about changing the mind. This world missions class has been about changing my heart and attitude towards the Great Commission." -- Robert Holloway

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This course will respond to issues like: Is Christ the only way? What is our scriptural and theological foundation for evangelizing the whole world? Does the global mandate begin with Jesus' Great Commission? What about those who have never heard of the name of Jesus? What about those "gentiles" who lived and died prior to Jesus' birth? What does sincerity in following one's own religion count for? In what ways does our culture shape our theology? Is it possible to respond to religious pluralism without falling into either a narrow dogmatism on the one hand, or an uncritical relativism on the other?

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Most courses at SNU contain a writing component.
I expect students to produce written work that is focused, well developed, organized and relatively free of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.
Papers falling short of this standard will not be graded. That work will be returned to the students for further revision and resubmission.
See my writing checklist.

Which question will your group present to the class?

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Spurgeon's sermon: The cry of the heathen

One hundred and fifty years ago Charles Spurgeon preached a message on the biblical basis for world evangelism. That sermon, based on Paul's Macedonian vision in Acts 16:9, is titled "The Cry of the Heathen"

    -- Howard Culbertson

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