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Crossword Puzzle 6: Introduction to World Missions

Based on material in chapter 6, Discovering Missions by Gailey and Culbertson

Missionaries from all six continents to all six continents

Or, as Samuel Escobar put it, "From everywhere to everyone."

Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book? If not, then use this online PDF of Discovering Missions to find the answers!

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2 Since a large number of its own citizens serve as cross-cultural missionaries within its borders, this 10/40 Window country may well be the world's second largest missionary-sending country
6 The number of cultures which David Hesselgrave said will always effect how expatriate missionaries communicate the gospel
7 The city in which a covenant was signed by Christian leaders from all over the world urging missionaries to start flowing "ever more freely from and to all six continents"
10 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit; it has significant implications for the understanding of the missionary call and "gift"
11 A Frenchman who took the gospel message to Denmark
1 The 19th century system in which specific mission boards were given the exclusive right and responsibility for ministry in defined geographic areas
3 A man from Syria who may have been the first to take the gospel to China
4 The title given to missionary work in areas where churches are already established
5 A word other than "frontier" for mission efforts within people groups where the Church has not yet be planted or is quite small
8 The first single female missionary in modern history (who also happened to be a former slave)
9 The man who compared the planting of the Church to a construction project in which the missionaries were the scaffolding

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Crossword puzzle answers

"If God's love is for anybody anywhere, it is for everybody everywhere" . . . [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson

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Based on material in book Discovering Missions by Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson, published by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City (now known as The Foundry)

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