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Simplified grading rubric for the final exam. Use it as a checklist prior to submitting your work to Scribe.

  1. Was the final exam submitted on time? (by Sunday evening of Week 6)
  2. Does the submission meet the minimum length requirement?
  3. Are parts A and B both done?
  4. Does the submission for part A clearly deal with course material on a week-by-week basis?
  5. Does it refer to a variety of class activities such as the special assignments and the back-and-forth discussions as well as to the weekly readings?
  6. Is the question chosen for the essay in Part B clearly repeated in the exam?
  7. Is the writing in both parts of the exam submission at a college level in terms of expression and reflection?
  8. Is the final exam submission relatively free of grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage mistakes?
  9. In terms of achieving assignment goals, would this final exam submission be considered:

    -- Howard Culbertson,

Note: The official course web pages on the Nazarene Bible College site will contain expanded written instructions for this final exam.

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