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Church Health and Growth class resources

This class on church health and growth will focus on developing healthy, growing churches and planting new ones. This is not about a list of programs to be implemented, but a serious study of questions like:

  1. Why are some churches healthy and growing and others are not? Is it simply something random or are there things to be learned?
  2. Are there reproducible principles which church leaders can or should prayerfully attempt to follow in a variety of congregations?

The course will lean heavily on the foundational work of Donald McGavran, the man many call "the father of the modern Church Growth movement."

Course resources

Need to know how to cite internet resources in your research papers? Here's a site with instructions and examples.

"Reaping isn't all there is to evangelism. In fact, reaping isn't even the hard labor. Any farmer knows that. It takes one day to harvest what you've cultivated and nurtured for months. Furthermore, the disciples were going to reap a harvest they hadn't sown. I planted, Paul said, Apollos watered, and God gave the increase. Paul handed off some souls to Apollos. God gave the increase. The soil must be cultivated, the seed planted and nurtured, and then comes the harvest."

      — Joseph Aldrich in Gentle Persuasion, published by Multnomah Press

Most courses at SNU contain a writing component.
I expect students to produce written work that is focused, well developed, organized and relatively free of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.
Papers falling short of this standard will not be graded. That work will be returned to the students for further revision and resubmission.
See my writing checklist.

Tempted to cheat on some schoolwork? Before you do, read SNU's academic integrity policy

     -- Howard Culbertson

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