Why do people drop out of church?

Doing exit interviews of church dropouts: Guidelines and suggestions

What can we learn from people who leave our church?

Churches ten to be healthy if they have low attrition rates. Research indicates that each week more than 60,000 people leave American churches and never go back. That dropout rate can be reduced says, Lyle Pointer, veteran pastor and church health expert. He suggests talking to those who have left or dropped out of a local church to learn why they are no longer participating in that congregation's activities. Here are his suggestions and guidelines:

I estimate that 20-25% have returned to our church because they felt concern being expressed and understanding being offered.

   -- Lyle Pointer

Why do people leave a church?

In his book Exit Interviews: Revealing Stories of Why People Are Leaving Church, Bill Hendricks noted that tens of thousands of Americans each week decide to drop out of a church in which they have been regularly participating.

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