What kind of a Way Preparer are you?

Luke 3:7-22

Week 1 (January)

     "They're without a pastor."
     The words fell against me like a lead weight. It was the final Saturday night of a 10-day district missionary tour. And I'd just found out that the small church where I was to be the following morning was between pastors.
     That bothered me. For I had the premonition that in a few hours I was to arrive at a church where confusion would be reigning. There might be no one really "in charge." And I was tired. I had been in a different bed every night for 10 days, eating at a different table every day. I didn't relish the thought of having possibly to play pastor for a congregation.
     Sure enough. The next morning when I arrived, there was some confusion in the air. Some thought I should speak in Sunday school instead of the worship hour. Others wanted me to show slides, something I prefer not to do on Sunday mornings.
     The whole thing was unnerving to me. I inwardly closed my eyes and prayed for a portion of grace, then announced what I thought we ought to do. I then sat down to await the beginning of Sunday school.
     We did have a good service that morning and I even wound up teaching a Sunday school class. But later that day the Lord began to work me over.
     For, you see, I should have cared a little less about my being tired and homesick. I could have even taken charge a bit more. Perhaps I could have offered to be somewhat flexible in what I had planned to do.
     In short, the Lord told me that it looked like I had been more concerned about having my own way prepared than I had been about preparing His way. I hadn't really prepared the way for the Lord that Sunday morning like I should and could have.
     John the Baptist's life speaks to us at that point. No doubt John had been under tremendous temptation to take the glory to himself. But he didn't. He talked about Someone even greater -- much greater, he said, whom his listeners should follow. He pointed the way to Jesus.
     I've been evaluating my life with the question: Am I preparing the way for the Savior? Would He be pleased to step into the situation I have just helped to create? If He wouldn't be pleased, then am I open to His Spirit's ethical correction and cleansing?
     An old novel got us to asking the question: What would Jesus do in this situation? Maybe there's another, even better question we should be asking ourselves: Are we preparing the way for Him?
     The best thing we can do in our Christian life is to offer humble and courageous witness to the Saviorhood of Christ. Are we too often talking about ourselves, even our Christian life, when we ought to be pointing the way to Someone greater than us, much greater?
     Are we really with our lives and our lips preparing the way for the Savior - as John the Baptist did? Are we as humble, sacrificial, and yet courageous witnesses as He was?

These devotional thoughts by Howard Culbertson appeared in the January 6, 1980 edition of Standard

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