Church growth: incorporation and assimilation

Do you know how people are assimilated into the life of your church?

Looking at how assimilation of new people is happening is a key component of a studying the health and growth of a local church.

  1. Who are the last three families who came to your church and stayed?
  2. Why did these families first attend your church?
  3. What brought them back the second time?
  4. Why did these people stay?
  5. How does the church respond to the first-time visitor?
  6. What specific things are done at the time of their visit and within a few days?
  7. What would first time visitors feel positive about? What would they have negative feelings about?
  8. What does the pastor do to respond to the newcomer?

Assimilation, though a widely used term in the church, may not be the best word. At times I think "assimilation" sounds like we're about to be swallowed by some kind of giant amoeba.

Other words which could be used to describe the same process include:

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