E-book: Rookie Notebook -- My first nine months as a missionary (Part 7)

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This electronic book (e-book) by Howard Culbertson re-lives his first nine months as a missionary to Italy. These 5 short chapters plus a Preface and a Postscript are full of stories reflecting on what it means to be a cross-cultural missionary to Italy. Originally published in 1976 by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City with ISBN number 0-8341-0401-6

Missions in Italy

7. Postscript

     Well, that's it: A jumble of memories, of moments of inspiration, of laughter, and even of frustration entwined around some rambling thoughts and hopes for our future ministry in Italy.
     Our missionary service really begins at this point. During these first nine months, we've been tourists and students. But now it's for real. And we would so much appreciate your prayers for us.
     When I graduated from Southern Nazarene University, Tulsa oilman William Broadhurst gave each of us preacher boys a copy of R. A. Torrey's book The Power of Prayer. The other day as I was rereading it, a part of a paragraph suddenly stood out as though it had been printed in boldface type. Torrey wrote:

"The neglect of prayer on the part of the people at home has much to do with the comparative failure of many of the missionaries on the field.... The man or woman at home who prays, often has as much to do with the effectiveness of the missionary on the field ... as the missionary himself." [ praying for missionaries ]
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