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Missions: The Heart of God
Series of brief on biblical passages relating to the cause of world evangelism (Isaiah 56:7, Psalm 22, Acts 1:8 . . .)
Come Share the Dream
Why would a person join the Church of the Nazarene? This article responds to a question posed by a university student.
ECHO, SNU's student newspaper
Does Jesus care if we cuss? : A look at some Biblical passages as well as a reflection on the power of language [ read article ]
Lessons from Italy [ read article ]
Life's legacy Thoughts in the aftermath of my father-in-law's death [ read article ]
Is giving up something for Lent ultimately a selfish act? [ read article ]
Miracles in Mexico
One of the very first Nazarene Work and Witness trips was organized in April 1966 by Southern Nazarene University. Here's an article written just a few weeks after that trip. No one realized then what a big movement Work and Witness would become.
A New Rallying Cry: Ministry Across the Curriculum
Published in Faculty Dialogue, the journal of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
Are you really feeding that starving child?
The reasons I channel my compassionate giving through my church
I threw my life away
Given to the annual SNU honor society (Phi Delta Lambda) breakfast
Brief devotional/inspirational articles
• Illustrations from ham radio: Full Power and QTH: Port-au-Prince, Haiti — Amateur Radio devotionals published in The Transmitter
Seven days of devotionals published in Come Ye Apart
Two weeks of devotionals published in Come Ye Apart
Devotional thoughts which appeared in the weekly Standard
Shepherd Community
A look at Shepherd Community, a compassionate ministry center in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Some manuscripts that never made it into print

Heartwarming campus stories
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" type stories from the campus of Southern Nazarene University [ read stories ]
   • Giving it away
   • "I didn't want it to end"
   • One bite at a time
   • Deliverance from addiction
   • It changed her life
   • Oklahoma City bombing
Jonah: The reluctant missionary
An e-book about Jonah's relevance to today's missionary task [ read e-book ]
God's Bulgarian tapestry
An e-book about church planting by young university graduates in Bulgaria [ read e-book ]
Alfredo Del Rosso: An Italian mastered by a vision
An e-book biography of the founder of the work of the Church of the Nazarene in Italy
Tough times: the breakup of a missionary team
An unpublished manuscript that describes a classic case of bad interpersonal relationships on the mission field [ read article ]
What is furlough?
Some humorous (and even serious) thoughts on missionary furlough (now often called "home assignment") [ read article ]

Book chapters

How entire is entire sanctification?
A chapter in "I believe: Now tell me why," edited by Everett Leadingham [ read chapter ]
Will the real me please stand up?
A chapter on holy living in ""Living Out of the Mold," compiled by Jerry Hull [ read chapter ]


While many of the following books are out of print, copies can often be found at booksellers such as abebooks.com.

Discovering Missions

Discovering Missions

2007, Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
Discovering Missions is a college-level textbook for "introduction to missions" classes. It is written in a way that makes it accessible to pastors and lay church leaders as well [ advertising flyer ] [ CD of teaching resources: If you use Discovering Missions as a course textbook, email me for a free CD of classroom teaching resources (PowerPoints, case studies, crossword puzzles, exam questions, video suggestions). ]
NMI reading book, Our Balanced Attack

Our Balanced Attack: How Nazarenes Finance World Evangelism

1991, Nazarene Publishing House [ read book online ]
Our Balanced Attack looks at the way the Church of the Nazarene raises financial support for its missionary outreach, including a unified budget, special offerings, child sponsorship, disaster appeals, matching gifts, gifts "in kind"
NMI missionary reading book, The Kingdom Strikes Back

The Kingdom Strikes Back: Signs of the Messiah at Work

1990, Nazarene Publishing House [ read book online ]
The Kingdom Strikes Back examines the involvement of the Church of the Nazarene in Haiti in evangelism, health, child care, economic development, and literacy projects
Cover of Mr. Missionary, I Have a Question

Mr. Missionary, I Have a Question

1987, Nazarene Publishing House [ read book online
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Mr. Missionary gives answers to questions about Nazarene work in Haiti. The questions were encountered in 1983-84 during a year of deputation services in about 150 U.S. churches
NMI children's reading book, Alfredo and His Impossible Dream

Alfredo and His Impossible Dream

1980, Nazarene Publishing House
Alfredo and His Impossible Dream is a biography written for children about Alfredo Del Rosso, the Italian founder of the work of the Church of the Nazarene in Italy. [ more info ]
NMI reading book, Pasta, Pizza and Pinocchio

Pasta, Pizza and Pinocchio

1980, Nazarene Publishing House [ read book online ]
Pasta, Pizza and Pinocchio answers questions about missionary work in Italy. The questions were asked of the author in 1978-79 during home assignment deputation services in about 150 U.S. churches
NMI reading book, Rookie Notebook

Rookie Notebook: My First Nine Months as a Missionary

1976, Nazarene Publishing House [ read book online ]
Rookie Notebook recounts some of the cross-cultural encounters (and some lessons drawn from them) from the Culbertsons' first year as missionaries in Italy
Cover of Mr. Evangelism

Paul McGrady: Mr. Evangelism

1969, Pedestal Press [ read book online ]
Paul McGrady: Mr. Evangelism is a biography of a very popular evangelism professor at Southern Nazarene University who was killed in a tragic auto accident
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