Characters that make mission trip fundraising hard

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procastinaorPrudence Procrastinator
Prudence is going to get around sending out prayer letters tomorrow . . . or at least no later than next week. She's concerned about where she's going to get funding for her mission trip, but Prudence hasn't asked anyone to pray for her nor has she shared her vision with anyone.

Solution: Set a series of deadlines for all the steps you'll need to take. Meet those deadlines.
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Fraidy FreddyFraidy Freddy
Freddy is afraid he'll upset people if he talks about his need for financial support for the mission trip. He has no idea how he'll come up with funds for the trip, but he's frightened that people will think he just wants them to pay for a great vacation for him.

Solution: Do not make "raising money" your focus. Instead, work at getting people committed to praying for you, Let them know how much money you need and when. Ask them to commit to helping you pray that money in.
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DanDisconnected Dan
Right now Dan's got lots of things going on in his life. Payment deadlines come and go, but Dan's not worried because the mission trip seems a long way off. "Count me in. I'm going," he tells the group leader who worries about how he's going to pay for airline tickets when people like Dan miss payment deadlines.

Solution: Sit down with a calendar and write in specific payment deadlines. Set your own deadlines for communicating your need and vision to friends, family and home church.
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Frenzied FriedaFrenzied Frieda
Frieda's got all kinds of fund-raisers planned. She dreams of all the money that's going to come in but she doesn't realize ahead of time how much work each of those events will be. Sadly, Frieda winds up being so busy working on her fund-raisers that she doesn't spend much time talking about her vision for the mission trip or recruiting people to be her prayer partners.

Solution: Throttle back on the fund-raisers. They can heighten awareness but often do not raise as much money as envisioned. Give top priority to creating a network of prayer partners.
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They-Owe-Me NaomiThey-Owe-Me Naomi
Naomi's approach to fundraising is: "I grew up in that church. They owe me." She takes the same approach with relatives she thinks have money: "I'm his granddaughter. He owes this to me." Thelma is looking to people (rather than to the Lord) to provide funds. Her fundraising theme song is "My hope is built on nothing less than your checkbook."

Solution: Realize that God is the provider of resources. Look to Him. You may be surprised at the people through whom He chooses to provide your needs.
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Worried Wilbur Worried Wilbur
Wilbur didn't listen to the exhortation to create a mailing list of 75 people. He made a single mailing to a few people he thought would give him money. He didn't get much response. As payment deadlines loom, Wilbur begins to panic. It didn't sink in that he might have to cultivate relationships with people and that imparting his vision for the mission trip might take more than a one-shot deal. Wilbur's not sure what went wrong, but he's about to decide he'll have to back out from going on the trip.

Solution: Create a plan for doing multiple mailings and speaking engagements in which you update people on your progress. Include lots of information about the ministry to which you feel God is calling you.
smmiley face character of Cover-up KyleCover-up Kyle
How's Kyle doing on his fundraising? "Fine," he says. Truth is, not much has come in. Inwardly Kyle is worried, but he doesn't want to let it show. He's afraid people will think he doesn't have the faith that God will provide. Because he's making other people think the money has already come in, none of his friends are lifting his financial needs up in prayer.

Solution: Keep your network of prayer supporters informed about the size of your need and your payment due dates.

    -- Howard Culbertson,


Embarking on a short-term mission trip is a beautiful endeavor, one that promises to be transformative for both you and the community you'll serve. As you reach out for financial support, remember that you're not just asking for funds but inviting others to join you in making a meaningful difference in the world.

Your passion and commitment to this cause shine through, and that alone is compelling. Embrace the journey ahead with faith and perseverance, knowing that every donation, no matter how small, is a step closer to realizing your mission. Your courage to step out in faith and your willingness to serve others will undoubtedly inspire generosity and support from those around you.

Stay steadfast in your purpose, and trust that with determination and the support of your network of family and friends, you will reach your fundraising goal and make a difference in the lives of those you encounter on your journey.

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