Half a dozen safe travel tips

Don't be vulnerable to thieves (or worse) on your short-term mission

"A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 22:3

The excitement of being in a new place may cause you to let down your guard. At that point you can become easy prey for thieves or worse. Do not get paranoid. Just be prudent. As you prepare to hit the road on that mission trip, engrave these safe travel tips in your memory. Make them part of your safety training. Here are half a dozen ways to encourage to look elsehwere for victims:

Keep your luggage nearby and within your view.
If traveling by air, check your baggage in as soon as you arrive at the airport. Only allow airline personnel and uniformed sky caps to handle your baggage.
Don't flash cash in public
When buying something at a store, don't pull out a huge wad of money (even though it may seems like "play" money to you). Wear a money belt or sack under your clothes to carry your cash and small valuables. Do not leave valuables in a car or hotel room.
Be observant
Always look around you. Be aware of what's going on. When loading or unloading vehicles, don't leave doors or the trunk open and unattended.
Keep your address somewhat private
If you're staying in a hotel, don't disclose your room number when strangers are within earshot. Be reluctant about opening your door for unexpected visitors or deliveries. If you can, call the front desk to verify the visitor's identity.
Be alert for mishaps that seem deliberate
Thieves and pickpockets distract people with ploys like bumping into someone or spilling a drink on people in a crowd.
Wedge the door shut
Take a door wedge on your trip. At night, place it under the hotel room door to prevent anyone from forcing the door open.
Lock hotel room doors and windows when you leave
Don't leave a hotel room door ajar while you run an errand. If you find your room door open after you had left it closed, go back to the hotel lobby and ask that someone return with you to your room. When you leave the hotel, drop your key at the hotel desk. That eliminates the chance you'll lose it (or have it plucked from your pocket!)

Safety: The first piece of the pie

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