Short-term mission trip prayer reminders

Prayer cards used by Southern Nazarene University students to raise prayer and financial support for summer mission trips

Prayer cards are used to remind friends and family to pray for and to financially support someone going on a short-term mission trip. They can be used as bookmarks or to go on a bulletin board or a refrigerator. They are a way of getting others to join your support network. The cards usually include a photo along with brief information about the mission trip and a few specific prayer requests.

Vangie Stark's prayer cards were printed on photo quality paper. They were five inches wide by three and a half inches tall. A small piece of rubberized magnetic strip was attached to the back
.sample of Vagie's prayer

Kayla Kratz' prayer reminder bookmarks were printed on gray paper. They were two and a quarter inches wide by seven inches tall.
sample prayer card from Kayla

Kristin Moyer's prayer card:

prayer card for Kristin Moyer

Katie Steel used card stock to create a postal card as part of her support-raising efforts. Here's what that promotional postcard looked like:

Katie's prayer card

"That glorious movement of the Spirit among the Moravians in 1727 that transformed them into one of the mightiest evangelizing forces in the world was born in prayer." — Jonathan Goforth, missionary to China.

How to pray for missionaries

arrow pointing rightWhat kind of prayers should you be praying for cross-cultural missionaries? [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson,


Making and giving out prayer cards can contribute to the fruitfulness of your short-term mission trip in several ways:

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