Short-term mission trip prayer reminders

Prayer cards used by Southern Nazarene University students in to raise prayer and financial support for a summer mission trips

Prayer cards are used to remind friends and family to pray for and to financially support someone going on a short-term mission trip. They can be used as bookmarks or to go on a bulletin board or a refrigerator. They are a way of getting others to join your support network. The cards usually include a photo along with brief information about the mission trip and a few specific prayer requests.

Vangie Stark's prayer cards were printed on a photo quality paper. They were five inches wide by three and a half inches tall. A small piece of rubber magnet strip was attached to the back
.sample of Vagie's prayer

Kayla Kratz' prayer reminder bookmarks were printed on gray paper. They were two and a quarter inches wide by seven inches tall.
sample prayer card from Kayla

Kristin Moyer's prayer card:

prayer card for Kristin Moyer

Katie Steel used card stock to create a postal card as part of her support-raising efforts. Here's what that promotional post card looked like:

Katie's prayer card

"That glorious movement of the Spirit among the Moravians in 1727 that transformed them into one of the mightiest evangelizing forces in the world was born in prayer." — Jonathan Goforth, missionary to China.

How to pray for missionaries

arrow pointing rightWhat kind of prayers should you be praying for cross-cultural missionaries? [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson

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