Fundraising: Need money for a mission trip?

Ideas to get financial support for short-term mission trip teams and individuals

Guiding thoughts

1. Begin by being an intercessor.
2. Devote yourself to the task. Give time to it.
3. Be confident (If God has called you; He has also called the resources).
4. See yourself as a vision setter, not a fund raiser. Be an educator.

Adapted from material by Rob Martin of First Fruits foundation

Fund raiser ideas based on material by Kevin Paszalek, Houston (TX) Southway Community Church

This is the short form. More details are on an expanded form

Building financial support through the mail

  1. On the average, $2500 can be raised through well-written letters sent to about 75 people who know you: family members and friends
  2. Some groups prepare a fund raising letter in an electronic format so participants can easily personalize it [ more info ] [ sample letters ]
  3. Spread the word widely; don't limit the letters to Christian friends and family.
  4. Send thank-you letters for every financial gift. Sometimes, "thank you" notes will even bring follow-up financial gifts

How local churches can help come up with the needed money

  1. Give official blessing or sanction
  2. Publicize the trip
  3. Provide direct financial support
  4. Organize fund raising events within the church

Other ideas

  1. Car Wash: Sell car wash coupons
  2. Percentage of purchases people make through an online site
  3. Organize dinners or dinner theaters and sell tickets
  4. Chicken catching
  5. Hold giant garage/rummage sale
  6. Sell barbecue
  7. Organize and teach an Internet beginners' course
  8. Sell tubs of frozen cookie dough
  9. Find a restaurant that will donate part of the cost of a meal or provide meal
  10. Sell restaurant restaurant meal cards
  11. Sell discount cards
  12. Car-hopping for tips
  13. Sell soap and other fair trade items made by African villagers or contact ]

"Going on a short-term mission trip is an ideal way to see the world through a new set of lenses." -- Dee Kelley

The joy of giving

arrow pointing rightOne story of how giving to people going on mission trips brings joy [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson

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