What should a local NMI president be doing? Here's a 15-point checklist

"Help! My local church just elected me Nazarene Missions International president. What am I supposed to do?"

How do you know if you are fulfilling the purpose of the local church missionary program? Use this checklist to determine what you should be doing as a church missions leader.

With God's help, I will

  1. Build rapport with my pastor, local council and other local church missions presidents.
  2. Communicate regularly with my pastor and missions committee or council concerning major emphases and upcoming events.
  3. Enlist the aid of my district missions president and district NMI council when I need information, inspiration, or advice. I will strive to be a "team player" on my zone and district.
  4. Pass along exciting missions news from my church to area and denominational church leaders.
  5. Submit year-end reports on time.
  6. Prepare for missions council meetings with an eye to effective reporting and input, vision casting and team building, planning and implementing. [ starting a council meeting ]
  7. Hold missions council members accountable for their assigned promotional emphases and other assignments
  8. Provide ongoing training to council members, giving them written job descriptions and providing resources materials including examples of what has been successful.
  9. Emphasize the importance of Mission Priority One, urging my church to exceed expectations in:
    1. Spreading missions information
    2. Mobilizing prayer support [ praying for missions ]
    3. Funding missions efforts through sacrificial giving
    4. Involving children and youth in missions activities [ youth missions education ]
  10. Set goals for my church — with the input of the pastor and council — for each of the major NMI missions emphases and keep those goals before my congregation.
  11. Assure my church's participation in each special emphasis, making sure that all missions offerings are sent in on time. [ Monthly NMI emphases ]
  12. Support goals set for Nazarene children and youth and challenge my church to include the young people of the church in our mission plans
  13. Work with the missions council to guarantee informative, exciting, fast-paced, people-involved regular missions services.
  14. Assure that our church has places for missions promotion (bulletin board, newsletter, and displays) and that missions is presented creatively to our congregation in an attention-getting manner. [ Sunday bulletin inserts ]
  15. Ask God daily for passion, wisdom, creativity, and strength for my missions task.

— Dr. Nina Gunter, former Nazarene Missions International Director

"Thank you for your awesome web site. It has helped this NMI President a great deal with suggestions and information."
    --Dorine L., New Jersey, USA

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