The hand of God at work in current events

"There are five phenomena which God is using in the world today to lead people to Himself," says J. Dudley Woodberry of Fuller Theological Seminary. Those phenomena, while not necessarily "caused" by God, are certainly being used by Him. These phenomena offer evangelistic opportunities not only for missionaries in other countries, but also for churches in the U.S. The five phenomena are:

Political changes
The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the collapse of systems like communism produce climates of uncertainty in which the gospel can be effectively proclaimed
Natural catastrophes
Earthquakes, droughts and floods find Christian relief agencies giving "cups of cold water in Christ's name" to people who formerly were antagonistic to Christianity
Dispossessed peoples who become disillusioned after they have migrated into cities seeking better economic opportunities or fleeing tribal warfare often are receptive to the gospel
Hunger for spiritual power
People steeped in folk religions often have pronounced, unsatisfied spiritual hungers. That opens them to the gospel.
Ethnic and cultural resurgence
Because of today's greater contextual understanding, people can see that they need not give up their cultural heritage when they become Christian.

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