Missions council survivor kit

Encouragement gifts for people on your church's missions council

Prepare little sacks in which you enclose a copy of the following note along with one of each item named.

For a similar gift bag for pastors, go to Welcome, Pastors.

Missions council survivor kit

This kit was especially designed for your use at any time. Store in a handy place for occasional or daily use. This kit contains the following:

Paper clip - To keep things together when they seem to be out of control
Rubber band - To remind you that there is always a squeeze or hug when you need it
Kleenex - To wipe a tear or blow a nose (yours or someone else's)
Candy kisses - Self-explanatory
Smooth stone - The end result of rough times which wind up refining and polishing us
Eraser - To erase misunderstandings
Stationery - To send a long-overdue note
Recipe - Something to share with a friend
Band-aid - To heal a hurt (yours or someone else's)
Bible promise - To be read and believed daily

I do not know who should get credit for coming up with this idea. If you know, please e-mail me < >. I'd like to give credit.

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