Syllabus: your course road map

"Syllabus: a brief statement of the main points of a course of study" -- American Heritage Dictionary

     Dictionaries often use the phrase "brief statement" in defining syllabus. In reality, course syllabi (at least mine) tend to be multi-page documents. Syllabi are a gold mine of information about assignments, due dates and grading expectations.
     A good description of syllabi at schools like SNU appeared in the Journal of Education for Business. In describing a syllabus, Greg Kearsley and William Lynch wrote:      "The single most important instrument of structure in a course is the SYLLABUS, [a document] which outlines the goals and objectives of a course, prerequisites, the grading/evaluation scheme, materials to be used (textbooks, software), topics to be covered, a schedule, and a bibliography. Each of these components defines the nature of the learning experience:

1Greg Kearsley and William Lynch, Journal of Education for Business, March/April 1996.

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SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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