E-book: Mr. Missionary, I Have a Question (Part 8)

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In this electronic book (e-book), Howard Culbertson answers questions that were asked in church services across the United States during a home assignment year. Originally published in 1987 for the Nazarene Missions International reading book series, this Nazarene Publishing House publication carried ISBN number 083-411-1519

     In the late 1950s I was attending junior high school in a little southeastern Oklahoma town called Holdenville. Rev. H. F Crews and his wife came to our church as evangelist and singers for a revival meeting. It was in that revival that I said "yes" to God's call to cross-cultural missionary service.
     Sometime before that, in Dodge City, Kansas, young Barbara Jo Reed sensed the Holy Spirit talking to her about being a missionary.
     In the 1960s our paths crossed at Southern Nazarene University. We fell in love, discovered we shared a sense of call and commitment to world missions, and were married in 1968. In difficult times during these decades together, that clear sense of a divine call has provided staying power for Barbara and me.
     Our hearts glow as we look back over nearly a decade of ministry in Italy. Working with the maturing Italian Church of the Nazarene has immeasurably enriched us. Now we're looking forward to putting together a similar scrapbook of memories as we work and live with Haitian Nazarenes.
     The challenges facing us as an organized body of holiness believers have never been greater. There are what seem to be unlimited opportunities for us around the world.
     Your prayers, your giving, your letters of encouragement are making possible our own small contribution to meeting these challenges. We are grateful to those of you who are a part of our support network. May the Lord's richest blessings be on you as together we seek to fulfill His will for us.

  Page:  << Prev    |   Preface  |   1. Hawaii, Hoes, and Holiness  |   2. Creole, Christopher Columbus, and the Citadel  |   3. Regional Directors, Demons, and the Dominican Republic  |   4. Mangoes, Malnutrition, and Modernization  |   < hewd="mr5.htm">5. Rice Christians, Churches, and Caravan  |   6. Missionaries, Mail, and Men    |    Epilogue 

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