Bible crossword: Mothers in God's Story

Crossword puzzle for Mother's Day

A "baker's dozen" of mothers in the Bible

Challenge: Can you come up with the names of these mothers who appear in the pages of Sacred Scripture?

crossword puzzle


6. Her daughter danced for Herod on his birthday (Matthew 14:6)
9. Mother of Ishmael (Genesis 16:15)
10. Mother of John the Baptist (Luke 1:13)
11. Mother of Jesus (Luke 1:27-38)
12. Mother of Cain, Abel, and Seth (Genesis 4:1-2, 25)
13. Samuel's mother (1 Samuel 1:20)


1. Mother of Timothy (2 Timothy 2:15)
2. Mother of King Solomon (2 Samuel 12:24)
3. Mother of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses (Exodus 6:20)
4. Mother of Joseph and Benjamin (Genesis 30:24 and 43:29
5. Mother of Mahlon and Kilion, one of whom married Ruth (Ruth 11:1-2)
7. Mother of Isaac (Genesis 21:3) 8. Mother of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 24:67)

    -- Howard Culbertson

Stuck? Here is a word bank of names.

Just to keep you honest, there are a few more names in this list than you will use.

Word bank: Abigail, Bathsheba, Bethuel, Elizabeth, Eunice, Eve, Haggith, Hannah, Herodias, Jedidah, Jezebel, Jochebed, Leah, Mary, Naamah, Naomi, Rachel, Rahab, Rebekah, Ruth, Sarah, and Zeruah

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