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Chapter 27, Discovering the Bible

S  A  R  Y  F  W   X  H  N  J  Z  S   O  J

B  A  V  ; V  B  R  R  O  M&nb sp; S  K  A  S  B

G  G  Y  U  S  I &n bsp;I  L  X  N  E  N &n bsp;T  F

N  D  V  B   N  Z  V  I  M   A  J  C  H  I

I  ; M  H  W  A  T  I&nbs p; N  H  I  A  T  E&nbs p; Q

M  P  R  X &n bsp;L  I  N  E  F  N &n bsp;B  I  S  M

O  J& nbsp; N  I  K  X  W  S   J  O  L  F  S  O

C  N  P  B  Y  ; P  C  S  X  L  B&nbs p; I  A  B

D  R &nbs p;C  J  G  J  B  W &nb sp;P  A  A  C  L  L

N  T  V  X  R  T   X  F  E  S  B   A  O  D

O  D  B&n bsp; K  R  M  N  P  L& nbsp; S  O  T  N  I

C  B  D  W  V  R   L  T  I  E  X  I   I  Z

E  G  H   T  N  I  R  O  C   H  Z  O  C  L

S&nbs p; Z  C  R  G  W  X&n bsp; N  C  T  V  N  A& nbsp; K

  1. Paul was likely in ______________________ when he wrote the two New Testament letters or epistles to the church in Thessalonica
  2. Included in the concept of ___________ is a call for moral and ethical integrity in the area of one's sexual conduct.
  3. ________________________________ is a biblical concept which emphasizes that God's will for His people includes separation from the world and complete belonging to Him; this concept includes the idea of Holy-Spirit-empowered conformity to the character and likeness of God
  4. The Thessalonian believers were apparently very concerned about when the _______________________________________, also called the Parousia, was going to happen
  5. Letters addressed to a predominantly Gentile audience to answer the question: How shall Christians live until the Second Coming of Christ? Readers are urged to remain faithful in the midst of their suffering for Christ
  6. ______________________________ was a seaport city in Greece about 90 miles west of Philippi

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