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Missiology at Southern Nazarene University

Louis Luzbetak defines missiology:
Missiology is derived from the Latin missio ("a sending forth with a special message to proclaim or with a special task to perform") and the Greek logos ("a study, word or discourse"). Etymologically, missiology is a study of the sending forth or expansion of the Church. from The Church and Cultures, published by Orbis

Learning about missions

Need a good definition of missions? It's the cross-cultural expansion of the Church of Jesus Christ. Missiology is the integrative study of the expansion of Christianity as it has been fostered by expatriate Christian missionaries. Missiology -- the study of missionary work -- draws together scholarship in biblical, historical, doctrinal and practical theological studies.

As missiologists reflect on the global march of the Church, they use tools from the social sciences to understand various dynamics. Insights are drawn from cultural anthropology, ethnology, sociology, geography, and political science.

Missiology seeks to develop strategies for effective missionary work and church planting. In doing their work, missiologists interact with a wide range of professions, especially those of agriculture, education, medicine and public health.

Want to know how to become a missionary? Then, the study of missiology is for you!

SNU: Global passion at a small university in America's heartland

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NBC distance education missions course

Global evangelism - a 6-week online course full of teachings on missions

ebook: Jonah, the reluctant missionary

Jonah's story is not about disobedience. Jonah is the reluctant missionary of the Old Testament who refuses to get his heart in tune with God's heart. [ read more ]

Missions information and facts

Click hereBeing a good missions mobilizer means you must have a grasp of the facts and of information. Being able to pray intelligently means you must know what is going on. [ read more ]

"While looking at your web site, I have been very impressed with both the volume of information and the thoroughness with which you explore missions." -- Jack L., Arkansas, USA

     -- Howard Culbertson

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World missions course materials and syllabi

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