Missions information: State and growth of Christian mission

"All peoples on earth will be blessed through you." -- Genesis 12:3

Facts about missions: Statistical and other data about world evangelism

  • Phil Bogosian on the 66,000 who die every day in unreached people groups [ click here for quote ]
  • 10/40 window map10/40 Window: Map that shows where it lies, explanation and statistics on this huge area of unreached peoples [ click here ]
  • Mission statistics: If the world were just one village of a hundred people . . . what would it look like? [ read more ]
  • North Africa's ratio applied to the U.S.
and CanadaOnly 7 churches in the U.S. and Canada? North Africa's Christian workers are outnumbered by the general population by two million to one. What if the same ratio were applied to the U.S. and Canada? . . . [ read more ]
  • Society for Picking
Apples  Missionary parable: The Society for the Picking of Apples [ read the parable ]
  • Timeline of people and missionary events through the centuries
  • "What happened in missions today?" An "on this day" year-long, day-by-day look at world evangelism happenings
  • Nazarene missions data and numbers

Reaching the lost: External links to missions statistics

The problem is with our passion

Click hereThe chief problem today in the world evangelism enterprise is our lack of passion. [ read more ]

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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