Where they did not belong

Week 36

Exodus 1:1-14

Did you ever find yourself trapped in a place where you did not belong?

It happened to me during my freshman year in college. A couple of days after I had arrived home for Christmas vacation, a girl I had known in high school called and invited me to a party. It sounded OK, so I accepted the invitation.

Unfortunately, I didn't know until I got there that it was a dance. Dancing was not one of the things young people from my church participated in.

How does an eighteen-year-old make a graceful exit from a party (or dance) just after walking in the door? I had left my etiquette book at home, and I didn't like the way my only excuse for leaving would sound. I thought of announcing that I was really Batman and I had just seen the secret signal in the sky that Gotham City was in trouble and needed me. But I just didn't feel right about using that one.

I knew I didn't belong there, but I felt trapped. So I decided to hang around for a little while, at least.

But the longer I stayed, the worse things got. Though I tried to appear occupied by talking to people, every so often a girl would ask me to dance. It wasn't a strong temptation for this preacher's kid, because I didn't know how!

Eventually I managed to excuse myself, but not even my graceful exit put the matter to rest.

A couple of days later, our small town newspaper printed a story about the dance on the society page. The closing paragraph began: "The dancers were . . ." and there was my name.

What a mess I had gotten myself into!

The children of Israel faced a similar dilemma. They went down to Egypt for a party, since there was a famine in Palestine. After a while the party turned sour. And the longer they stayed, the worse it got. In fact, the first chapter of Exodus describes their lives as "bitter."

They didn't belong in Egypt. God's place for them was Canaan, but there didn't seem to be any way for them to escape the land of the Pharaohs.

The biblical account of the enslavement of the Israelites and their subsequent deliverance by the Lord is useful not only as history, but also as a revelation of God's dealings with individuals today.

Sin often traps us in just the same way. We are invited to the "party" only to discover too late that it is not what we thought. But we decide to stay around for just a little while, and then there doesn't seem to be any way out. The longer we stay, looking for a graceful exit, the worse it gets. The party turns into forced labor: "Everyone who sins is a slave to sin" (John 8:34 NIV). Then we are really trapped.

Human beings don't belong in sin. We are promised something better. There's a Canaan where we can discover the real meaning of "belonging." But the only way out of our bondage is through the miraculous liberation which God offers through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I wrote these devotional thoughts while I was a missionary in Italy. They were originally publised in the September 7, 1980 edition of Standard, a take-home piece for adult Sunday school classes.

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