Analyzing Your Church's Growth Graph

Growth graph

Looking at numbers.

Numbers are only one factor to be considered in evaluating a church congregation's health. However, statistsical data is one item which can be easily measured and analyzed. So, don't ignore the statistical factor in evaluating a local church. Construct a graph of at least 10 years of your church's attendance and membership statistics. Then, find the answers to the following questions.

  1. What factors or events may have contributed to:
    1. the high points?
    2. the valley?
    3. the present trend?
  2. What things seem to be currently fostering health and producing growth in our church?
  3. What needs to happen to produce further outreach and assimilation?
  4. What are the unique things (the appealing ones) about your church?
  5. What kinds of human needs being met in your church?
  6. What bridges does the church have that move people into attending Sunday School and getting plugged into other ministries after they have attended worship? For more info on this, see "Incorporation and assimilation".

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