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Chapters 2-4, Mirror for Humanity


2 Human beings have a uniquely developed capacity to use these signs that have no necessary or natural connections to the things they stand for or signify; anthropologist Leslie White said culture was dependent on being able to use such signs
3 The transmission of information about ourselves to others through expressions, stances, gestures and movements
4 The whole set of feelings about being in an alien setting and the ensuing reactions; at the roots of these feelings and reactions is the fact that in an unfamiliar cultural setting one is without the ordinary, trivial (and therefore basic) cues of one's culture of origin
5 The arrangement and order of words in phrases and sentences
6 The stimuli-dependent, species-specific way in which non-human primates communicate
8 The tendency to view one's own culture as the superior one and to apply one's own cultural values in judging the behavior and beliefs of people raised in other cultures
9 A method of anthropological research which includes taking part in the events one is observing, describing and analyzing
1 Long-term study of a community, region, society, culture or other unit, usually based on repeated visits
7 Something which all humans have and which is uniquely elaborated among humans and is passed on through enculturation; its internalized rules for conduct lead human beings to think and act in characteristic ways

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