Devotional meditations

Standard devotionals

Fifty-two articles reflecting on specific Scripture passages. These were originally published by what is now The Foundry in an Faith Connections adult Sunday school curriculum take-home piece. Each devotional grew out of that week's Sunday school scripture passage

Come Ye Apart devotional articles

Come Ye Apart devotionals  |  Devotionals about pastors

Four weeks of daily devotionals originally published in a quarterly devotional guide called Come Ye Apart. The title of the devotional guide was taken from the King James Version wording of Mark 6:31. The New International Version puts it: "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place."

Devotionals with a an amateur radio flavoring

34 brief devotional thoughts using illustrations from the world of amateur (or "ham") radio. Originally published in "The Transmitter," the newsletter of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship.

Advent devotional

"Are you ready?" An meditation written for a Christmas devotional booklet published by the ministerial students organization at Southern Nazarene University.

Waiting on the Holy Spirit

Seven devotional articles written as pre-trip orientation material for university students going on summer mission trips.

Searching for a particular Bible passage?

arrow pointing rightAre you looking for comments rooted in a particular Bible passage? Check out the concordance for this web site.

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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