Slogans to awaken the Church

Sayings about world evangelism that stir hearts and move people to action

"Wake up!" -- Revelation 3:2

A year of mini-essays on missions slogans and sayings from Engage magazine, a monthly online world missions publication

  1. Christ's Great Commission: An option or a command? -- J. Hudson Taylor, missionary to China
  2. Since God is a missionary god, we are a missionary people -- Eddy Ho, former dean of Malaysia Bible Seminary
  3. We are debtors: Pay it forward -- P.F. Bresee, a founder of the Church of the Nazarene
  4. What breaks your heart? -- Bob Pierce, found of World Vision
  5. Lost people matter to God, and so they . . . . -- Keith Wright, Nazarene pastor and district superintendent
  6. The Church MUST send, or it . . . -- Mendell Taylor, church historian
  7. Getting it there in time -- Carl F. H. Henry, evangelical theologian
  8. Missions is the the basis of the Bible -- Ralph Winter, missiologist
  9. Christ is the spirit of missions -- Henry Martyn, missionary
  10. Everybody everywhere -- Edward Lawlor, pastor and evangelist
  11. Do we really understand the nature of salvation? -- Ted Engstrom, former head of Youth for Christ and World Vision International
  12. Nothing left but the covers -- Nina Gunter, missions mobilizer and Nazarene General Superintendent

    -- Howard Culbertson

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