Statistics report: Where missions dollars go

"Informed givers are happy givers!" -- Stan Toler

Need some world missions facts to answer a question about ministry effectiveness: Do we get enough "bang for our buck?" Look at these missionary statistics.

Money from Nazarene Faith Promise giving and Easter and Thanksgiving (Christmas in countries other than Canada and the U.S.) offerings support the following world evangelism efforts:

World areas / countries with Nazarene work
Countries recently entered: Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone
Number of missionaries
Includes Mission Corps volunteers and 22 tentmakers
These cross-cultural missionaries come from 26 different countries
Missionaries' children274
Organized churches30,712
Languages in which literature is published67
Languages in which radio broadcasts are produced30
Countries reached by radio broadcasts
Cost of one minute of air time: $4
Colleges, universities and seminaries52
Students in colleges and seminaries50,000
Vocational and training colleges3
     Enrollment in these 3 career training schools227
Children sponsored by Nazarene Child Development programs
   In addition, nutritional assistance is given in about 80 countries
Medical facilities65
Nazarene compassionate ministry centers in US and Canada [ Compassionate Ministry philosophy ]163
Retired missionaries receiving pensions [ Casa Robles retirement center ]292
Work & Witness teams last year [ more info ]1,119
Crisis Care Kits sent in recent year41,000
School Pal-Paks sent in recent year6,000
Cost per minute to operate Nazarene world mission program$74

That's an impressive list. You'll not get "a bigger bang for the buck" by investing your mission funding anywhere else!
     According to missions researcher David Barrett:

     There are Nazarene churches in all six of those countries!
     Some mission organizations fund their global outreach by raising money for each ministry and project separately. While we raise some money for specific mission projects in the Church of the Nazarene, our overall world mission outreach is run as one strategic package. That is, we fund the core of what we do through World Evangelism Fund monies given by local churches at Easter and Thanksgiving and through Faith Promise.

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