Short-term missions phases

Each year, as many as half a million North Americans go on short-term missions trips. A 10-day short-term missions experience is more than just the 10 days spent on a mission field. There are important things that go on before the trip occurs and important things that occur after the 10 days are over. As you set up your mission trip calendar, there are a lot more things that go on it in addition to the date of departure and the date of return.

Here are the three phases of every short-term missions trip along with a listing of activities that go on in each phase.

PRE-Field ON-FieldPOST-Field
Preparing Giving/Receiving Back to earth
  • Ministry (evangelism, medical, construction, and other)
  • Team building
  • Surprises
  • Language encounters
  • Challenges requiring flexibility
  • Divine encounters
  • Tourism
  • Dealing with conflict [ more info ]
  • Juggling finances
  • Debriefing (and even de-griefing)
  • Reverse culture shock [ more info ]
  • Reporting
  • Plugging back into home culture / environment
  • Future decisions for both go-ers and receivers
  • Re-mobilization
  • Cleaning up messes on field and at home
  • Field followup on new contacts

This material reflects presentations by Roger Peterson at Fall Fellowship of Short-Term Missions Leaders conferences and the followup discussions among participants.

It's been said that the interactions within a group of people on a short-term mission trip go through a progression of:

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

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How do I raise support?

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