Case study: My son is marrying a Buddhist!

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Trying to share Christ with son's Buddhist fiance

A mother wants to help her son's fiance come to know Christ. The young lady comes from a Chinese Buddhist family. The mother has written a e-mail asking for help in bringing the young lady to faith in Jesus.

     "I'm not really sure who to ask or where to go to get needed information.

"I'm a Christian mother whose son is marrying a Chinese girl who knows she is a Buddhist because her father told her she was.

"Are there films or brochures that would help us introduce Jesus to this young lady?

"I'm a public school teacher and my husband is the worship pastor at our church. My son's fiancee has experienced our church's big Easter Pageant twice. She has expressed a desire to see it even more times.

"The young lady and her family have lived in the U.S. for 15 years. She speaks English fairly well. Of course, her father is against this marriage because it was not arranged by him. He also doesn't like it because my son is an American of European origin. The parents own a restaurant and it seems to me that Jenny is not much more than a worker to them.

"Help me introduce Jesus to this young lady. Can you suggest printed or video material that would help us?"

How would you respond to an e-mail like this?

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