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Syllabus for Introduction to Missions

A  O  F  S  G  E  D  X  A  W  F  M

J  W  A  T  X  C  E  V  C  I  U  I

L  C  K  I  T  N  C  C  V  S  M  S

E  K  K  U  N  A  U  E  M  A  M  S

A  H  Z  R  M  D  D  Y  F  C  L  I

E  E  Z  F  N  N  E  A  N  C  I  O

N  L  O  T  L  E  R  C  U  U  K  L

G  B  Z  S  B  T  W  K  F  R  G  O

A  I  A  R  Q  T  U  M  G  A  T  G

G  B  D  I  U  A  K  B  H  T  C  Y

E  B  K  F  P  U  S  K  T  E  F  O

F  E  G  A  T  N  E  C  R  E  P  G
  1. Something that must be in every weekly textbook reading report
  2. The title of one of the periodicals from which an article must be read and reported on
  3. The kind of grade that late work will earn
  4. The name of the online magazine for which your missionary interview can be written
  5. The title of one of the full-length feature films which can be used to fulfill an assignment
  6. A collection of ancient documents in which selected readings will be done for about eight weeks
  7. The minimum number of hours needed to fulfill the "hands-on missions promotion" assignment
  8. The kind of picture one assignment wants you to "draw" of what a particular local church is doing to promote, mobilize for and support world evangelism
  9. Points can be earned for this every day that the class is scheduled to meet

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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