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Chapters 8-10, Mirror for Humanity

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6 Part-time religious figures who mediate between people and supernatural beings and forces; it encompasses witch doctors, mediums, spiritualists, astrologers, palm readers and other diviners.
7 Oversimplified but strongly held ideas about the characteristics of males and females
9 Supernatural techniques intended to accomplish specific aims
12 The Melanesian belief in a sacred impersonal force existing in the universe
13 A society where women are the center, origin and foundation of the social order
1 Sacred emblems symbolizing common identity; these are animals, plants or geographic features from which tribal groups belived they descended
2 Tasks and activities a culture assigns to the sexes
3 The policy of extending the rule of a country or empire over foreign nations and of taking and holding foreign colonies
4 Largest religion in the world according to our textbook
5 A political system ruled by men in which women have inferior social and political status, including basic human rights
8 Customs associated with the transition from one place or stage of life to another
10 A classification label for less-developed or developing nations
11 Wealth or resources invested in business with the intent of using the means of production to make a profit

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