Kingdom of Love by Scott Wesley Brown

Album: "Out of Africa"

Take a look around.
What do you see?
There are so many people living life in misery.
They need hope;
They need His love,
The love of the Father
That only comes from above.
We should be preaching, teaching, reaching;
Constantly sharing, caring;
Bringing his hope to the hopeless, helpless;
Building and building His kingdom of love.
Time is running out,
But it's not too late
There's a world out there
Whose heart's about to break.
It's up to God but we must point the way.
How they need Jesus!
That's all I want to say
Jesus came to build His church
Made with living stones
To put His love in all our hearts
Before He takes us home

© 1984, Scott Wesley Brown / Sparrow

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