Cultural Anthropology: End-of-the-module summary paper

Professional Studies: Bridge program module

Due: 1st week of the following module

Page 6 of the syllabus (Student Guide) has a fairly complete description and outline of what you are expected to cover in your paper.

Writing Standards:

The following instructions may seem finicky. Your adherence to them, however, will greatly help me to read and properly grade your paper.

  1. If it is to be presented in printed form, the paper should be double spaced. Use honest font size and margins. One-inch margins all around and 12 point type is a good norm. Using large fonts and margins to pad out a too-short paper is both obvious and upsetting to me.
  2. Number your pages. If you can't figure out how to make your word processor do it, then do it by hand.
  3. Staple the sheets together. You a computer. It's time to buy a stapler.
  4. Put your name on the paper.
  5. I expect students to produce written work that is focused, well-developed, organized and relatively free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Papers that fall short of this standard will not be accepted; the work will be returned to the students for revision within a reasonable time. [ more ]
  6. Don't plagiarize. The availability of material on the Internet which can be easily copied and pasted has blurred the distinction between "plagiarism" and "referencing." Plagiarism is the use of verbatim text from another source without referencing that source. Text which you copy directly from somewhere must be placed inside quotation marks and attributed to its source. Plagiarism is considered academic misconduct. [ more ]

Need some writing help?

arrow pointing rightGet better grades by eliminating mistakes. How can you do that? Try proof-reading better. [  more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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