Statistics: The 21st century world

How many unreached countries are there? Where are missions resources going?

"Worship in all the earth is the end goal, and joining God in His mission that all may know Him is what global evangelism is all about." -- DeAnn T., Nazarene Bible College student

7.8 million -- Global population1
256 births per minute
120 deaths per minute
2.84 billion -- population of unreached people groups 2
Five largest countries1
1.428 billion -- India
1.425 billion -- China
339.9 million -- USA
277.5 million -- Indonesia
241.4 million -- Pakistan
Statistics on world religions3
2.6 billion Christians
2 billion Muslims
1.2 billion Hindus
658 million nonreligious
506 million Buddhists
458 million Chinese folk-religionists
269 ethnoreligionists

Note: The above numbers do not reflect "true believers" or committed followers and practitioners of the various religious tradition. The numbers simply reflect how people have self-identified.
Major branches of Christianity3
1.3 billion Roman Catholics
800 million Protestants
378 million independents
271 million Orthodox
88 million Anglicans
Christians by continent3
475 million -- Africa
354 million -- Asia
559 million -- Europe
543 million -- Latin America
231 million -- Northern America
24 million -- Oceania
ABCs of Global Missions
World A
Unreached people — 24% of the world's population; receives one-half of 1% of dollars given to Christian missions
World B
Evangelized non-Christians — 43% of the world's population; receives 5% of dollars given to Christian missions
World C
Professing Christians — 33% of the world's population; receives 94.5% of dollars given to Christian missions
Evangelization by Worlds A, B, and C
By individuals
World C -- 1,999,564,000
World B -- 2,426,110,000
World A -- 1,629,375,000
By countries
World C countries -- 141
   Population -- 1,694,733,000
World B countries -- 59
   Population -- 3,755,012,000
World A "unreached" countries -- 38
   Population -- 605,304,000
Global Christian finance (in U.S. dollars)5
Estimated personal income of church members: $15.5 trillion
Giving to Christian causes: $280 billion
Ecclesiastical crime (embezzlement and other): $16 billion
Given to global foreign missions: $16 billion
Christian workers
Indigeneous workers (all denominations): 12 million3
Number of women in full-time ministry worldwide: 4.4 million6
Foreign/expatriate missionaries: 443,0006
Scripture distribution (all sources)
Bibles per year: 100 million7
Languages with at least a portion of Scripture: 2,2386
Christian evangelism
Evangelism hours per year: 162 billion3
Disciple-opportunities per capita per year: 1663

Chart showing the status of Bible translation availability

"We still have a long way to go in reaching unreached people groups but the progress missionaries have made over the past two centuries is an encouraging sign that it can be completed. -- Robert Brown, Nazarene Bible College student

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