Cultural anthropology: Becoming a minority of one

Going to church in a different culture -- Feeling like a foreigner

This assignment is designed to send you on a cross-cultural field trip where you become a minority of one. The worship part is not the central issue; finding yourself as a minority in a situation where you may be uncertain what is expected of you is the central issue.

In your one to two-page report, don't tell me how you discovered people can worship in any culture. In fact, don't focus on the worship event itself.

I'm looking for what you felt. I want you to process whatever uncomfortable moments you felt. You may tell me that you did discover that God speaks more than one language.

Do not report on an experience you had months or years ago before this course began. It must be an experience you have had since starting this class on Cultural Anthropology.


Sample student reports

    -- Howard Culbertson

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