Cultural diversity bingo

How diverse is our group? An icebreaker activity


Each individual may sign a maximum of two spaces.

Who has attended a potlatch?

Who has traveled outside the U.S.A. at least twice?

Who speaks and understands two or more languages?

Who has hosted or recently met someone from another country?

Who is wearing something purchased outside the U.S.A.?

Who has relatives living in another country?

Who has attended a Juneteenth celebration? [ more info ]

Who knows dances from three different cultures?

Who has lived on a farm?

Who has been to both Canada and Mexico?

Who makes good Mexican food?

Who has a Spanish surname?


Who can name 3 Motown hits? [ more info ]

Who has two first names?

Who can name three prominent current female politicians?

Who has participated in a Seder celebration?

Who is a first- or second-generation immigrant to the U.S.?

Whose family had six or more children?

Who has attended a Cinco de Mayo celebration?

Who can name 10 Native American tribes?

Who has played in a bone game?

Who has read a book by Maya Angelou?

Whose work supervisor spoke English as a second language?

Who has lived in at least 5 states?

Used in a classroom setting, this game will discover some of the cultural diversity that exists within the average college class.

Short-term missions trip resources

Culture is far more than the food we eat and the language we speak

NextThose learned patterns we call culture have very deep roots in what we think and believe. [ more ]

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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