NARF devotionals

A series of devotional thoughts first published in the "Transmitter," a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).

Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship

Nazarene Amateur Radio Operators wanted.
The Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF) provides on-the-air fellowship weekly on Sunday at 14305kHz at 4PM EST.

Devotions with a ham radio flavoring

  1. Around the world on a hundred watts
  2. Bedsprings for an antenna
  3. Loss of power
  4. Headed the wrong direction
  5. Mouse-eaten communications link
  6. Down with hepatitis
  7. Wrong picture!
  8. Rescue at sea
  9. Hearing His voice
  10. Always on frequency
  11. My visibility
  12. Global support net
  13. Grounded properly
  14. Lost first love
  15. Let your light shine
  16. Keen sight
  17. Share the Good News
  18. If only
  19. QRM
  20. Upgrading
  21. CQ CQ
  22. Making a difference
  23. Dead microphone
  24. Elmers
  25. Bracing for the wind
  26. Simple stuff
  27. Loose connections
  28. Predictable power
  29. Go to a quiet place
  30. Voice actuated
  31. Talking to God
  32. Our heavenly HT
  33. Fading signals
  34. Missing keypad button

My U.S. General Class call sign is N0FOL - November Zero Foxtrot Oscar Lima.

We spent four years as Nazarene missionaries in Haiti. Telephones were scarce there. So, amateur radio became an important communications tool. Within the country we used mainly 2-meters while 20 meters was used to communicate back to the U.S. In Haiti, my call sign was HH2HC.

My wife Barbara also holds a General Class amateur radio license. She is KC4CHB.


FULL POWER: Around the world on a hundred watts

I've learned enough radio theory to get my General license. Right now I'm working on upgrading to Advanced.

I'm still amazed to think that putting a hundred watts of power into a little wire lets me talk to several different people all over the globe at the same time. It seems incredible that I could do that with a hundred watts. That much power only lights one room in my house.

It's possible, of course, because human beings finally figured out that's how God had designed this one little part of our universe. Every time I turn on the equipment in my shack, it's enough to make me sing, "0 Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all . . . Thy hands have made ... Then sings my soul.,. . . How great Thou art."

    - Howard Culbertson, HH2HC . . . [ continue reading ]

   Amateur Radio Christian Fellowship day is an annual September event to allow Amateurs to showcase the hobby to churches and to contact missionaries.
   Amateurs are encouraged to take a radio to church and demonstrate Amateur Radio to the congregation by making contacts with other churches and missions groups worldwide.
   Announce this event to Amateur Radio clubs and operators in your area as well as to the local media. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact KB9IBW. Let's work together to bless our churches, missions groups, and give exposure to this great hobby to those who may become future Amateur Operators.

  -- Emery McClendon / KB9IBW

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