Names to know for Mission History exam 3

Crossword puzzle based on list of names in study guide for exam 3. Even if you're not in that class, see if you can still solve the puzzle!

 3 4
 6 7
 10 11
 12 13 14
 24 25

3 Leader of the first group of missionaries to the Hawaiian islands
5 Holder of visa number 001 from Bangladesh government
6 Founder of Central American Mission
7 Missionary pilot-mechanic, martyred in 1956 in Ecuador
10 Creator of China Inland Mission; adopted Chinese dress and culture
14 One of Wycliffe's most brilliant linguists who was initially rejected for missionary service
16 Founder of Trans World Radio
18 "Apostle to Polynesia", realized the importance of using national workers
19 Missionary surgeon who started a hospital and medical college in India
20 Founded the Africa Inland Mission, but only lived 14 months after he got there
21 Pioneer missionary to the New Hebrides whose attitude toward the Pacific Islanders seemed harsh
22 Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, but never served as a missionary
23 He founded the Sudan Interior Mission in 1900
24 Founder of the Dohnavur Fellowship in India
25 Student volunteer, who became missionary to China, India, and Africa
1 Leader of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, influenced many students onto mission fields
2 Founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators
4 "Patron saint" of Southern Baptist missions
8 "Apostle to Islam"
9 Missionary doctor who carried out his work along the frozen coastline of Labrador
11 Converted from Catholicism, became a missionary doctor to the Congo
12 First Protestant missionary to China, went seven years before first convert
13 Methodist missionary to the intelligentsia of India who founded the Christian Ashram movement
15 Used the "open house" method in the Orient, wherever he went revival followed
17 Missionary to China who ended up being a local "foot inspector" and lead 100 war orphans through the mountains in 1940

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