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Chapters 11-13, Mirror for Humanity

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6 The offspring of an area who have spread to many lands
8 The tendency to view less-developed countries as more alike than they are
1 Too much change
2 The process of change that a minority ethnic group may experience when it adopts the patterns and norms of the dominant culture of its area, becoming incorporated into the dominant culture to the point that the minority ethnic group no longer exists as a separate group
3 The blurring and breakdown of established canons (rules or standards), categories, distinctions and boundaries; the opening up, reaching out and breaking down of traditional standards, contrasts, groups, and identities
4 People marked by such things as a collective name, belief in common descent, a sense of solidarity and even an association with a specific territory; they share certain beliefs, values, habits, customs and norms because of a common background.
5 Devaluing a group because of its assumed behavior, values, capabilities or attributes
7 Fixed ideas -- often unfavorable -- about what the members of a particular group are like

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